My name is Kristen. I grew up in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania and now reside in Central Pennsylvania with my husband and two beautiful children. In 2009, I started my photography journey when my husband bought me my first camera. I spent the next year exploring different types of photography before focusing on my true passion, which is capturing special moments of children, families and newborn babies. After years of experience and investing in my education, I have turned to Fine Art Photography. Something that goes above and beyond the usual simple photograph. I pride myself on creating images that evoke emotion with natural elements and use creative editing to bring them to life.

The Little Lion Photography name means so much to me because it was named after my son, who is a Leo, and who has brought so much joy and love into my life. I have always loved children and knew that I wanted to be a Mother, but my personal battle with infertility delayed my dream. Bringing him into the World was my biggest life accomplishment and telling his story through photography is so meaningful to me. This beauty and feeling is what I hope to create for my clients. My daughter, was born three weeks premature due to a high risk pregnancy and because of that, is also a Leo. It's funny how things work out.

I love the entire process of interacting with children and capturing their personalities in art that can be loved and cherished forever. My non-abrasive approach helps children feel comfortable and captures their honest selves. Life is such a beautiful gift and I'm honored to be apart of the lives of so many beautiful families.

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