If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

It was an ordinary day. We went out in the morning to run a few errands and came home. I got the kids out of the car and walked up to the house to unlock the door  and then something strange happened. A bird appeared.

We’re still unsure if the bird was injured or maybe stunned but we were able to gently handle it before it flew away. The kids loved watching the bird and Wyatt even held it. It flew up and landed on Willow’s jacket hood and perched there like it was a tree branch.

Willow and Wyatt’s grandmother is deceased. They never got to meet her, but I know she’s watching over them. I’ve felt her presence before and I felt it again today. See, Doreen, she loved birds. She loved animals of all kinds but especially birds. I’m sure she was sending us a message to say hello and to show us that she loves us. Thank you for the wonderful gift!

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