The K Family welcomes a beautiful baby boy!

Big sister, Casey, was thrilled to learn that she was going to  have a little playmate and you can tell that she loves her new little brother, Carter. I’ve been photographing Casey’s milestones for the past few years and was tickled pink (or blue) that the K family asked me to capture Carter’s first portraits.  Carter is such a beautiful baby with lots of squishy rolls and pinch-able cheeks. He loved to keep one eye open during his session and many times, he looked like he was winking at his Momma! Carter didn’t make it easy on me, I think he holds a new record for ‘most urine on the photographer’, because I left with my right pant leg pretty saturated but it was so, so worth it! Beautiful addition to a lovely family!

Carter 7Carter 2






Carter 1 Carter 3 Carter 4 Casey & Carter 1